About Subproximus

The Subproximus Conglomerate has been in the server game for just over four years. The word choice is deliberate as it has been treated as a game, an enjoyable learning process allowing its members a chance to step out of day jobs and play in the field of information technology.

Running a server began as a way to host the Moodle Learning Management System in an advertisement free environment, as the usual hosts for Moodle ran adds that were borderline inappropriate for students to keep their service free and were quite expensive once the ads were brought down as they were selling the hosting services along with maintenance. This met with a huge success as the site was maintained successfully for the past four year with zero downtime, supporting 20 courses and over 450 users.

As impressive a track record that the Moodle site represents, the bigger source of pride is what was accomplished and learnt behind the scenes on the server end. Modules for Moodle were integrated and applied, code altered and add-ons added on for the benefit of the specific classes teachers were running and as per teacher requests.

This lead to another foray into the realm of cyberspace as a teacher approached the conglomerate to develop a webpage for an upcoming Edcamp professional development day. That project was taken on and accomplished through the implementation of Joomla the web page design. The Conglomerate admittedly blew Joomla up to be bigger than what the needs for the hosted Edcamp were, but room for multiple authors, sign-ins, maps and even a message forum was brought in for the use of all of the teachers involved. Again, success was discovered as was mastery over the basics of the Joomla portal.

**More to come……**

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