So… What’s Next?

It has been a busy couple of weeks. The idea of branching out and hosting blogs is an exciting prospect. The big question is; what’s next?

There is no money involved, so this is not a venture into profiteering. The goal here, we believe, is to provide an outlet of some sort to get people who have many important thoughts rolling around in their heads a means to get them out to an audience, or not, shared or not, but an outlet none the less. This invitation has been extended to a few people, but the issue is how to create a viable group. Or is it?

Ultimately the Subproximus Conglomerate is happy to offer the services of a hosted WordPress site, hopefully removing whatever impediments may have been holding people back from starting their own. We are happy to have Personal Mythologies and a couple of others migrate here, and happy to host more, if they’re interested.

As a group of hobbyists, the goal should only be knowledge and understanding of how this works, and that has been achieved, in that a better understanding of how hosting and WordPress Multisite works. Progress in streamlining and better understanding of theme implementation and associative plugins will remain in the works, so that as people have questions, an answer can be given.

So the answer has been given: what is next is the betterment of this hosting site to allow it to run as smoothly as possible for the people that are interested and want to participate in blogging. For them, we’ll be here and developing what we can for them to contribute to their thoughts without the headaches that hosting a site may bring.

The Subproximus Conglomerate

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