A Curation of Children’s Literature

I would describe my reading selection scheme as “eclectic” at best, so the idea of putting together a “strategic collection of 15 works” fills me with a degree of anxiousness. I found approaching this task daunting and troubling. I am far more used to being approached by colleagues or students and have them inquire about books and resources that will help for “blank.” From that, I have no trouble pulling together a plethora of titles that would help them accomplish their task.

The other selection criteria that I have typically used, as a teacher-librarian, has been to select books that have recently come into our library. While the vast majority are selected by the library team, we take requests too. Being informed and up to date on the books on our shelves is very important to me as a literacy advocate, as forming that trusting relationship with readers, wanna-be readers and “mandatory, this is for silent reading in class” readers is essential to have patrons come back to the library and utilize our space, for book selection and other activities.

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