Our New Hosting Entry

Subproximus has branched off into a new realm, a sortie of sorts. There has been a call to host a number of blog spots through our server and recent time has allowed us to bring on a configuration of WordPress that is appropriate to multi-site hosting.

With some effort, sweat and tears, we have launched our blogroll from this central server spot. Some clean up of space and a bit more trimming needs to happen, but it can be comfortably be positioned in the “Beta Phase” of launching.

Links to our hosted blogs and clean up of this entry page certainl are at the forefront of things to accomplish next, then there are some invitations that should be sent out to contacts that should be blogging or encouraged to more their blogs to this space.

If you are intrested, please drop us a line and we will do what we can to accomodate as quickly as possible.

The Subproximus Admin

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