Rekindling the Music Lover

It has been a long time since I anticipated the release of a new album. Since getting this new iPad, I have kept my eye on the iTunes store and even chanced the $7 on a band i have never heard of on the recommendation of the CBC’s afternoon host, Steven Quinn. I purchased Of Monsters and Men’s My Head is an Animal and this Icelandic band didn’t disappoint, or should I say ‘thank you’ Steven.

What kept catching my eye though was Jack White’s first solo effort, Blunderbuss. After hearing the initial single, “Love Interrupted,” I must admit to anticipating hearing him again and having a chance to listen to his solo work.

If anyone has managed read this far without quitting due to my laborious writing style, I would definitely recommend this album, even if you are a moderate fan of his White Stripes work. This album is heavily laden with provocative metaphor and “Love Interrupted” is a great sampling of what to expect with the lyrics. (Speaking of, I need to find a way to introduce the concept of paradox through this song.)

He manages to keep his simple, unique sound throughout the album, yet introduces interesting variations to separate it from earlier efforts. Maybe, like me, he has managed to mature just a bit, heh.

There has been more interest on my part with trying to keep up with music releases due to iTunes. I have really had to suppress the desire to start ringing up the credit card with purchases of both new and old stuff, that stuff that I could never remember to look for in the record shop until I got home. I also went with ITunes Match and, at the risk of sounding like a total fan boy, it has been working glitch free with making my music library available to my iPad. This may not sound like much, but I am listening to my music again; in the car and at work, through headphones or piping it through my desktop speakers.

It might be a while before I find the time to head back to live shows, due to little ones running around now, unlike the earlier stages of life, but for now I can celebrate music again through a newfound accessibility.

[Wow! I am out of practice at this. I’ll end it here and avoid inflicting further pain on anyone reading this. Just buy the album.]

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