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The Beggar’s Garden

I just finished my first ebook, The Beggar’s Garden, a collection of short stories by Michael Christie (who is from Northern Ontario, you know the place, who wouldda thunk?). I enjoyed the writing, very much, there was wit, sadness and a very good reflection of the human spirit, ugly and beautiful as it is. After …

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Rekindling the Music Lover

It has been a long time since I anticipated the release of a new album. Since getting this new iPad, I have kept my eye on the iTunes store and even chanced the $7 on a band i have never heard of on the recommendation of the CBC’s afternoon host, Steven Quinn. I purchased Of …

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Bill 22’s Devestating Effects to a Dual Coquitlam Teacher Family

Good afternoon Mr. Austin and Mr. Farnworth, Please find below the letter that I wrote and originally sent to Ms. Diane Thorne of the New Democratic Party in response and support of your party’s efforts to deny the passing of Bill 22. I was encouraged by colleagues and friends to forward it to your offices …

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Simply Loved This

The 10 Most Harmful Novels for Aspiring Writers A short, interesting article from contributing editor Crawford Kilian of The Tyee that made me readjust my sights on literature a bit.  Sure we read it, talk about it, but at some point we will be intimidated by it.  Something to remember for all of us teachers …

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Nikolski’s for Real, Dude.

A long time since posting.  Forced renovations on our rented space moved us into family’s abodes, and an apparent lack of readership shifted priorities from Personal Mythologies.  What I forgot is that I started this blog for me; the ‘us’ is by extension (no offence). I have a couple of posts to catch up with.  …

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Living Up to Its Bleak Title

Bleak Seasons: Book One of Glittering Stone by Glen Cook is the sixth chronicle of the Black Company. I found it as I was combing the paperback section in my local library for a pulpy fantasy piece of fiction. This is something that I pursue with a certain amount of trepidation. Fantasy, in general, has …

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Should we all be considered a Child of God?

Perhaps I am broken, maybe deranged, hopefully it is nothing too serious. I worry because I must admit to liking Cormac McCarthy’s Child of God. In fact, I liked it so much that it was begun and finished in a day, which, with two small children, is no small feat.

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Someday We Should All Be This Reflective

After being subjected to the sequel to Dracula, I took a moment to recall the good vampire stories I had read. The most recent was The Night Wanderer by Drew Hayden Taylor, one of Canada’s most prolific indigenous authors. A good book, enjoyable read and an interesting blend of First Nations (Anishinaabe) mythos and standard …

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Dacre, You Suck… bah, another criticism that could be mistaken for a pun

Dracula, Bram Stoker’s cornerstone of the Gothic genre was first published in 1897. While not the first vampire story, it certainly rose to be the pinnacle of this sub-genre, by which the dapper, Eastern European vampire count would come to represent all that is alluring and revolting about being and becoming an immortal blood-sucker.

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The Apologist – I Prefer It This Way

I just learnt that The Apologist was the English title for Eating Crow by Jay Rayner.  I wonder why the title was changed for the American audience; if they would help in understanding the satirical humour, or to cast light on the differences between the two countries. The novel is a bemusing look at the …

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