Well, I’m Back

In writing this I am in utter disbelief that it has been over five years since my last, true post. The shock was so much, in fact, that I pulled a couple of book reviews that I pasted up on another site that I was contributing to.

I am encouraged to turn a corner with this blog and incorporate more of my professional life into it. Well, through the schooling I’m doing, I am encouraged to bring my professional life into this blog. Currently, I am enrolled in UBC’s teacher-librarian diploma program and while our instructor has is desirous of use utilizing a blog to reflect upon and communicate our thoughts and learning of the material, it is probably about time that I admit what I have known for a while now; I love thinking, talking and writing about aspects about my profession. I feel as though I have lost myself in efforts to separate personal from professional in cyberspace by spreading the applications to thin and loosing focus between multiple forums, blogs, tweets and accounts in an attempt to facilitate my multifaceted personality.

I need to own it, I am who I am and I love the teaching profession, being a teacher and all of the other things that make up me. No use avoiding it. Most often my personal and profession voice is the same and appropriate, but if there is the occasional slip, well, I am who I am.

Books and literature will no doubt continue to be a passion and find their way into my writing. With taking on a role in the library, there has been a broadening of what I have been reading and paying way more attention to the young adult genre. If anything, writing about the profession and contributing my thoughts to the conversation about teaching and teacher-librarianship will be a bit harder, as there is certainly some trepidation in putting thoughts about education out there. A lot of emotion goes along with that, as well as appreciating that I am in a new learning phase in taking this diploma.

So, off we go teacher-man, ahem, teacher-librarian-man, embarking on a journey of learning and exploration. Questioning and seeking with, hopeful line, a little help from my friends.

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