Reflection Upon LIBE 477

In considering how to present the aspect of my Final Vision Project, I could not separate all that is being done for and with our School Library Learning Commons (SLLC) and expand upon that. Our SLLC is a project in itself; a project in which the sum is so much greater than its parts. I could not bring myself to divide it back into those parts and discount the energy or the people that have lead to it developing into where we currently stand by developing any one of those singularly.

Perhaps if this assignment was to come before I had invested so much into the development of our SLLC, or if I was inheriting or writing about years of facilitation and growth toward implementing the use of technology, then it would have been easier to focus on one aspect or portion of the technology that is moving us forward. But, this was not the case.

I also wonder if it would have been easier to spend the time to develop an oral essay or screen cast or some such thing that would guide the viewer of this blog in a fashion to be considered more inline with the special topic that it would otherwise be intended. Writing seems to be my natural engagement with thought and communication thereof, so a blog post with the inclusion of multiple aspects of technology and discovery, while time consuming due to my slow typing speed, was the way that I felt that I could best demonstrate my engagement with a Final Vision for our SLLC. Call me old(er) school.

Written from the place of embracing technology and incorporating it in the SLLC, I have to recognize the idea behind LIBE 477 and the Will Richardson reading, Why School? It is both of these things that inspired a holistic reflection on the direction and accomplishments that our SLLC currently has and has implemented over a very short period of time.

To this end, our SLLC is one that plans to move forward with technology and lead others to its advantages by providing opportunity and availability of expertise. I hope that through my Final Vision Project and this reflection, others can be convinced of this and that a solid groundwork has been laid to further its use in our school community.

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  1. Congratulations on the work that has been done and on the exciting times ahead as you continue the transformation from library to SLLC! You and your team have created a solid foundation on which to build.

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