Bitter Seeds To Swallow

I had been lead to an interview with Ian Tregillis done by Charles Stross a while back, where Tregillis was speaking about the development of his Milkweed series and the comparisons that had been made with Stross’s own work. Having appreciated Stross’s The Laundry Series and the writing therein, I was eager to find Tregillis’s work and have a look.

What was especially appealing and, I assume, was the basis of comparison between these two writers was that a parallel reality, or speculative fiction, was being played with. Where Stross was influenced by H.P. Lovecraft and created a governmental agency that deterred the entrance of the Elder Gods from entering and taking over the world, Tregillis is playing a bit more with the mad sciencey and that there is something bigger in the universe than us piddly humans that has more hands in how the show is run.

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