School Library Learning Commons as Venues for Social Justice

The following is the response to a discussion prompt from LLED 467 of the UBC Teacher-Librarian Diploma. The prompt was to provide examples of social justice from online content and if of how yo might integrate it into your program.

I am submitting two examples of online content that provides examples of social justice. The first was found a couple of years ago and left quite an impact on me. The second was accidental, surprising and quite timely.

The first is a video that was released in India a year after the gang-rape of a girl on a bus in New Delhi. This incident sparked a public outcry and official reaction toward the treatment of women in Indian culture. As the father of two daughters and as a human being interested in advocating for equality, this video raises both an immediate awareness and a piece to reflect upon.

The video shows men staring at women, then having their looks reflected back at them suddenly through various reflective surfaces. It also shows their surprise and guilty reactions as they have the opportunity to see their predatory expressions turned back at them. Continue reading