Holiday Reading

Alright!  Holidays are here and I am looking forward to having some time between the covers of Blood Sports, Eden Robinson’s new one.  I loved Monkey Beach, so I am anxious to see what she can do with this one.  Bit nervous about finding it in the discount bin already though.

Keeping with the indigenous authors theme, I have also got Richard Wagamese’s latest Dream Wheels.  For a bit of escapism, the sequel to Dracula, by Stoker’s great-grand nephew Dacre titled Dracula: The Un-dead.  I also have Eating Crow, the book mentioned in The Walrus article that kicked off this blog.  From there, I will read whatever else I come across.

If you are interested and a member on, I am listed as Thornquill in the community.  I have started to get my profile together, but as with everything it seems, it is going a little slow.

What I am also looking forward to is taking some time to post here.  So far Personal Mythologies has accomplished what it set out to do, even if there are not the posts to indicate it yet.  What I have found is that I am thinking about what I am reading more, with a critical bent.  Presenting one’s opinions about a book to a reading audience takes some preparation and articulation, again exactly what I was hoping for.  I guess this is where I say “thank you” for being here, and thank you for your patience.

I hope this holiday season allows you to find some time to spend between the covers of a book or two.  A couple of invitees to PM have approached me apologetically for not having signed-up for this site yet, and they also mentioned that the idea for this site intrigued them and that it is over the holidays that they plan to look into it now that they have time.  So a hearty welcome to new arrivals.

Finally, I have spread my time even thinner by starting a Joomla! site.  This whole adventure began with the idea of keeping a server for myself and my professional activities to have a controlled presence on the web.  Things starting so simply and my nerdiness makes them into something way bigger.  If you are interested, I will keep you abreast of my successes.  I have already had one huge bomb.  After sinking a few hours into the Drupal content management system, with a couple of good looking pages up and ready, they issued an important security update.  In my efforts to upgrade, I lost it all.  I am over the anger, and have accepted it as an educational experience.

So, happy holidays and all the best to you and yours.  Please take the time to enjoy them.

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