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Living Up to Its Bleak Title

Bleak Seasons: Book One of Glittering Stone by Glen Cook is the sixth chronicle of the Black Company. I found it as I was combing the paperback section in my local library for a pulpy fantasy piece of fiction. This is something that I pursue with a certain amount of trepidation. Fantasy, in general, has …

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Holiday Reading

Alright!  Holidays are here and I am looking forward to having some time between the covers of Blood Sports, Eden Robinson’s new one.  I loved Monkey Beach, so I am anxious to see what she can do with this one.  Bit nervous about finding it in the discount bin already though. Keeping with the indigenous …

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The Plan

Welcome to my attempt at an on-line book club, whose goal is to bring readers together from all over without the pressure of being together in the same room (or same city) to discuss literature. The first piece is yet to be chosen as of yet.  Please do apply for membership though, not only will …

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