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The cynic in me has long prevented me from getting too emotional regarding anything much associated with politics.  That is not to say that I suffer from political apathy, I just funnel my energies into the smaller, more local advocacy and am trying to change the world with more subtle means than by loud, resounding gestures.

A couple of days ago The Tyee gave me an article that might start me thinking back the other way:

Dinosaurs Laughed at Facebook Revolt

I came across this article and laughed, a couple of times.  Mainly I think that it proves true an adage that I have found myself tauting a couple of times in the past week; our government is out of touch with the people.  Michael Geist lays out his argument brilliantly for the readers to not their heads and prove exactly what I have been saying.  In fact, I may even go a step further and say that it proves that our political leaders do not want or even care to be in touch with us commoners.

There are mixed reviews as to whether or not the numbers that attended the rallies are an indication of their success (see CBC), but we are sure to hear some fallout on the hill.  This next step should be telling, not from Jack or Mike as they are sure to see any result as anti-current government, but how Steve approaches it, that is whether he and his party acknowledge it or not.  I am not talking about just the rallies or even the Facebook group, but the Canadian public.

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