Proroguing Article

The cynic in me has long prevented me from getting too emotional regarding anything much associated with politics.  That is not to say that I suffer from political apathy, I just funnel my energies into the smaller, more local advocacy and am trying to change the world with more subtle means than by loud, resounding gestures.

A couple of days ago The Tyee gave me an article that might start me thinking back the other way:

Dinosaurs Laughed at Facebook Revolt

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Sixpence House (spoiler warning)

It has taken me a while to post on Paul Collins’ Sixpence House because I desperately want to avoid using the word ‘quaint’ as a descriptive word.  Paul and his wife, Jenny, bring their baby boy, Morgan from San Francisco to Hay-on-Wye, England on a romantic idea that they can make a go of it in the town made famous by the number of booksellers per capita. The town of Hay is a book-lover’s paradise from Collins’ description, with a used bookstore on every corner, many holding the rare and antiquated finds that are the fantasy of any bibliophile.

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‘Nother Apology

My apologies (heh) to all of my loyal followers for the space of time since my last post.  Some personal and professional issues kept me away.

In that time I came across the CBC’s write up of Gerald Keddy’s apology.  It seemed very relevant timing regarding article we looked at from The Walrus.  Not that I want to change the theme of this blog to a rant about the shallowness of apologies, but I thought it was an interesting alternate view on the same topic.

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All Apologies

I found this article in one of my favourite reflections of Canadiana, The Walrus.  I think it is a great read and would certainly make for some interesting discussion surrounding policies and results of our government’s practice of apologizing to groups that have been wronged in our country’s history.

“A Sorry State” by Mitch Miyagawa

If we are not alright with apologizing to make up for our past indiscretions, then what is a better approach?  After the apology, should we be concerned with the results, such as the residential school compensations?  When I have had time, these are questions that I ponder.

Miyagawa also mentions a satirical book based on this world trend, Eating Crow by Jay Rayner.  Can anyone recommend or comment on it?