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Bill 22’s Devestating Effects to a Dual Coquitlam Teacher Family

Good afternoon Mr. Austin and Mr. Farnworth, Please find below the letter that I wrote and originally sent to Ms. Diane Thorne of the New Democratic Party in response and support of your party’s efforts to deny the passing of Bill 22. I was encouraged by colleagues and friends to forward it to your offices …

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Proroguing Article

The cynic in me has long prevented me from getting too emotional regarding anything much associated with politics.  That is not to say that I suffer from political apathy, I just funnel my energies into the smaller, more local advocacy and am trying to change the world with more subtle means than by loud, resounding …

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‘Nother Apology

My apologies (heh) to all of my loyal followers for the space of time since my last post.  Some personal and professional issues kept me away. In that time I came across the CBC’s write up of Gerald Keddy’s apology.  It seemed very relevant timing regarding article we looked at from The Walrus.  Not that …

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