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Well, I’m Back

In writing this I am in utter disbelief that it has been over five years since my last, true post. The shock was so much, in fact, that I pulled a couple of book reviews that I pasted up on another site that I was contributing to. I am encouraged to turn a corner with …

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School Library Learning Commons as Venues for Social Justice

The following is the response to a discussion prompt from LLED 467 of the UBC Teacher-Librarian Diploma. The prompt was to provide examples of social justice from online content and if of how yo might integrate it into your program. I am submitting two examples of online content that provides examples of social justice. The …

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What Constitutes Reading?

The following was a scenario outlined in the LLED 462 course of the UBC Teacher-Librarianship Diploma. The prompts that directed the response were: As a teacher librarian, how would you handle this situation? He came down a couple of times later, disinterested and disengaged, choosing a few novels this time and then promptly returning them …

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